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TigerRisk’s Marty: fit to be fast

Almost 25 minutes after starting the painfully twisty Santana da Serra stage in Portugal, Marty McCormack crosses the finish line.

The late spring Algarve sunshine is doing its job. It’s boiling. But Marty’s cool. And ready for another run.
“I want to do that again,” he grins.

The training has worked. For the last six months, McCormack hasn’t been sleeping in the morning. He’s been on the bike and on the bench. He’s burned calories for a cause and it’s all come to fruition here. Within minutes of the finish, his heart rate has tumbled and his brow is dry.

McCormack’s trainer has seen this coming.
“Marty has paid attention to every detail of his training,” says Ciaran Woods. “We’ve built strength, power and stamina and that, combined with his mental agility and sheer determination, make him a strong, professional athlete.”

McCormack adds: “I’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime this year, I’m not going to waste it.”

It’s all about 32.

The original Indy 500 winner Ray Harroun drove a number 32 car. This summer’s World Cup consists of 32 teams, playing with a football constructed out of 32 separate panels. Beethoven (pictured) completed 32 piano sonatas, which is the same number as a full set of teeth in a human adult.

But, the most important 32 is 49. Marty McCormack’s number 49 TigerRisk Fiesta R5 is 32nd on the entry list for Rally Italia Sardegna.

Marty McCormack is testing his Fiesta R5 for two days in Sardinia this week.

The double British Junior Champion will use the time to trial the Hankook tyres he’s running this year and to work on the set-up for next month’s Rally Italia Sardegna (June 5-8) which is his next competitive outing in the TigerRisk-backed car.

With only one event in a four-wheel drive car under his belt, Marty says: “Seat time is so important when you’re getting used to a new car, so it’s great to be driving again before Italy.”

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