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To be given the chance to compete at the World Rally Championship I had to make sure I was in the right shape to succeed. Rallying has always been my life but to be a part of the World Rally Championship was just a dream until now……the first change was to increase my fitness levels and so I got myself in touch with Ciaran Woods, my new personal trainer.

Together we devised a training program specific to my needs. We focused not only on building all over strength and power but increasing stamina. Every athlete involved in any type of sport whether it be football or motorsport realises that it’s all about synergy, every piece of the pie is important. Rally driving is a combination of both mental and physical ability. We realised that if my all over strength and fitness level where increased to a professional athletic level, then the results would produce more mental focus for long hours behind the wheel, and also the increased fitness would give him the ability to endure the extremely warm climates of Europe, which can be very exhausting especially for people who are more used to a colder climate.

Ciaran also made major changes to my diet, and took this aspect of the synergistic approach just as serious as the physical training. He spent time designing me a specific plan based on a ratio of 55% protein 30% carbohydrates and 15% fats. This was geared towards slightly increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat all with the goal of physical strength and speed in mind.

My workout programme pays attention to every detail with set exercises for every day……..Biceps, Triceps, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves, Chest, Back and Shoulders. Ciaran designed a programme with a combination of weights and speed training using power movements and high rep style training to both stimulate the slow and fast twitch muscle fibres alongside interval training with the sprint cruise method to make my body work much more efficiently.

Find out more about Ciaran’s Workout programmes through his book – ‘You’re so fit’ and website

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